Canola Research Hub

The Canola Research Hub translates agronomy research findings into tangible on-farm practices that result in great productivity and profitability – TOP SCIENCE FOR THE BOTTOM LINE.

This database currently incorporates reports and findings from 1​26 canola agronomic studies, reflecting and informing current canola production practices and conditions. These include completed and in-progress research under Growing Forward 1 and 2, the Canola Agronomic Research Program (CARP), additional studies funded by each of the provincial canola grower organizations and more. Soon it will also include research from projects funded through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership.

The Hub’s content and capabilities will continue expanding to provide a return on investment in agronomic research that grower dollars have contributed to each year. This research will also be utilized to achieve the higher yields that will be needed to meet the canola industry's production target of 52 bushels per acre by the year 2025. Research is helping the industry meet its goals of sustainable, profitable production with projects in genetics and four main agronomic areas: plant establishment, fertility management, integrated pest management and harvest management.

Funding for the Canola Research Hub is provided by the industry through the Canola Council of Canada, provincial canola grower organizations (Manitoba Canola Growers, SaskCanola and Alberta Canola) and the Canadian Agricultural Partnership. 



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Science Edition 2018

Science Edition 2018

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Science Edition 2017

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